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ITNS Clinical Ladder for Transplant Coordinators

ITNS Clinical Ladder for Transplant Coordinators

The term “clinical ladder” refers to a “grading structure which facilitates career progression and associated differentiation of pay by defining different levels of clinical and professional practice in nursing." Demonstration of professional development support and clinical advancement programs are hallmarks of a professional nursing practice environment and critical components of Nursing Magnet status. This clinical ladder for Transplant Coordinators is based on the 15 standards of practice described in the Introduction to Transplant Nursing: Core Competencies. Each progressive level subsumes the knowledge, skills, and abilities of the preceding level(s).

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The Clinical Ladder for Transplant Coordinators (TC) outlines 15 standards for

Transplant Coordinator I (0-3 years of experience as a TC)
Transplant Coordinator II (3+-5 years of experience as a TC)
Transplant Coordinator III (5+ years of experience as a TC)

Standard 1: Assessment
Standard 2: Diagnosis
Standard 3: Outcomes Identification
Standard 4: Planning
Standard 5: Implementation
Standard 5A: Coordination of Care
Standard 5B: Health Teaching and Health Promotion
Standard 5C: Consultation
Standard 6: Evaluation
Standard 7: Quality of Practice
Standard 8: Education
Standard 9: Professional Practice Evaluation
Standard 10: Collegiality
Standard 11: Collaboration and Communication
Standard 12: Ethics
Standard 13: Research
Standard 14: Resource Utilization
Standard 15: Leadership

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