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Scope and Standards of Practice: Transplant Nursing, 2nd Edition

Scope and Standards of Practice: Transplant Nursing, 2nd Edition

This document addresses the role, scope, and standards of nursing practice for the specialty of transplant nursing. The scope of practice addresses the definition of transplant nursing, its various levels of practice based on educational preparation recognizing its worldwide variations, current clinical practice activities and sites, and current evidence-based practice relevant to transplant nursing. The standards of transplant nursing practice are objective, measurable statements of the responsibilities for which all transplant nurses are accountable.

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Audience for This Publication

Registered nurses in every clinical and functional role and setting constitute the primary audience of this professional resource. Students, interprofessional colleagues, agencies, and organizations will find this an invaluable reference. Legislators, regulators, legal counsel, and the judiciary will also want to examine this content. In addition, the individuals, families, groups, communities, and populations using nursing and healthcare services can use this document to better understand what constitutes the specialty of transplant nursing and how registered nurses and advanced practice registered nurses lead within today’s healthcare environment.


Contributors v
Overview of Content 1
Function of the Scope of Practice Statement 1
Function of Standards 1
Audience for This Publication 2
Scope of Transplant Nursing Practice 3
Introduction to Transplant Nursing 3
International Transplant Nurses Society and Transplant Nursing Practice 5
The Growth of Transplant Nursing Practice 6
What Is Transplant Nursing? 7
Key Elements of Transplant Nursing 8
Practice Settings and Roles: The Where, When, and Who 9
Practice Characteristics: The How and Why of Transplant Nursing 12
Clinical Transplant Nurse/Transplant Nurse Generalist 14
Transplant Nurse Coordinator 14
Advanced Practice Registered Nurse Specializing in Transplantation 17
Societal and Ethical Dimensions Describe the How and Why of Transplant Nursing 20
A Unique Base of Knowledge and Set of Skills 20
Globalization of Transplant Nursing 23
Palliative Care and Transplant Nursing 23
Ethics and Informed Decisions 24
Future Considerations 29
Standards of Transplant Nursing Practice 33
Function of Standards 33
Standards of Practice for Transplant Nursing 35
Standard 1. Assessment 35
Standard 2. Diagnosis 37
Standard 3. Outcomes Identification 39
Standard 4. Planning 41
Standard 5. Implementation 44
Standard 5A. Coordination of Care 47
Standard 5B. Health Teaching and Health Promotion 49
Standard 5C. Consultation 51
Standard 5D. Prescriptive Authority and Treatment 52
Standard 6. Evaluation 53
Standards of Professional Performance for Transplant Nursing 55
Standard 7. Ethics 55
Standard 8. Education 57
Standard 9. Evidence-Based Practice and Research 59
Standard 10. Quality of Practice 61
Standard 11. Communication 64
Standard 12. Leadership 66
Standard 13. Collaboration 69
Standard 14. Professional Practice Evaluation 72
Standard 15. Resource Utilization 74
Standard 16. Environmental Health 76
Glossary 79
References and Bibliography 85
Appendix A. Transplant Nursing: Scope and Standards of Practice
(2009) 87
Index 143




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